SDLP Target Seats

Below are lists of SDLP target seats showing which constituencies can be most easily won from an opposing party relative to the latest elections.

SDLP Target Seats 2022

Below is the list of SDLP target seats for the 2022 general election. The list is ordered from the smallest to the largest swing needed for the seat to change hands.

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RankConstituencyRegionMajoritySwing Needed
1.FoyleNorthern Ireland1690.18%
2.Belfast SouthNorthern Ireland1,9962.28%
3.Down SouthNorthern Ireland2,4462.40%
4.Newry and ArmaghNorthern Ireland16,61115.50%
5.Londonderry EastNorthern Ireland15,30018.64%
6.Tyrone WestNorthern Ireland16,42518.89%
7.Upper BannNorthern Ireland17,92019.37%
8.Ulster MidNorthern Ireland20,89222.37%
9.Antrim SouthNorthern Ireland14,14625.34%
10.Lagan ValleyNorthern Ireland23,37826.02%
11.Antrim NorthNorthern Ireland25,94726.77%
12.Antrim EastNorthern Ireland20,59527.00%
13.StrangfordNorthern Ireland21,63227.91%
14.Belfast WestNorthern Ireland24,24729.84%
15.Belfast EastNorthern Ireland23,75035.62%
16.Down NorthNorthern Ireland15,74837.11%
17.Belfast NorthNorthern Ireland19,18237.23%
18.Fermanagh and South TyroneNorthern Ireland22,64340.70%

View SDLP held marginal seats vulnerable at the next general election.

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