Website Update

I have made a few adjustments to the website. Before going into detail I should warn you that most of the hyperlinks in the seats, swingometer and battleground sections have changed. While temporary automatic redirects are in place, I advise you to update these links in your favourites or wherever you are using them as soon as possible.

If you find any problems, please contact me.

Most of the changes are internal, but some of the more noticeable changes are as follows.

1. General. Improved mobile/tablet compatibility. Added breadcrumbs to each page to improve navigation. Improved the share buttons.
2. Blog. Blog posts are now organised by year rather than by month.
3. Polls. Cleaned up the polling pages. Made the party column header text more readable.
4. By-elections. Cleaned and sped up the by-election list page.
5. Seats. Organised the results by party. Reduced the amount of HTML generated to speed up the loading of the page.
6. Swingometer. Made the seats gained table use less code which should speed up its loading. Ordered the seat changes by party and then by region.
7. Battleground. Seats from Northern Ireland are now considered in the target lists. This is most noticeable in the UKIP and Green target seats.

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