EU Referendum Official Designations

The Electoral Commission has made their decision as to which groups will get the official designation for the Leave and Remain campaigns. For Leave they have chosen the 'Vote Leave' group and for Remain they have chosen the 'Britain Stronger in Europe' group. As the official groups, they will be allowed to spend up to £7m, be able to post a free leaflet to each household, be entitled to television broadcasts and have access to the handsome sum of £600,000 of public money.

As to the effect of all this on polling, it will be difficult to see, not least because polls for the EU referendum have been few and far between recently. Be warned that any change in support could also be attributed to these two recent events:

1. The Panama papers. The government is supporting the Remain side. It is possible that the Panama papers will damage the government and by extension the Remain side.

2. Government leaflet. The government has sent out a leaflet explaining why they think you should vote to Remain. Mine arrived earlier today. This could cause the polls to go either way. Some people may be persuaded by it. Others may think that if the government wants them to do something then they should do the opposite.

Of the polls we have had recently, it looks as though it will be a tight run thing. Most are showing the Remain side in the lead but only by one or two percentage points. At this stage it is still all to play for.

70 days to go.
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