National Assembly for Wales Election 2016 Results

The National Assembly for Wales has now had all of its results declared. Labour is again the largest party, but short by 2 of a majority. Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats lost seats. UKIP won its first 7 seats ever meaning that they now have more seats than the Liberal Democrats.

National Assembly for Wales Election 2016 Results

Labour: 29 (-1), 27 constituency, 2 regional
Plaid Cymru: 12 (+1), 6 constituency, 6 regional
Conservative: 11 (-3), 5 constituency, 6 regional
UKIP: 7 (+7), 0 constituency, 7 regional
Liberal Democrat: 1 (-4), 1 constituency, 0 regional.

Notable Changes

1. Rhondda was taken from Labour by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood. They managed to overturn a 33.6% Labour majority. This is not unprecedented as Rhondda was won by Plaid Cymru in the first Welsh Assembly election back in 1999. Labour won it in 2003 and had held it comfortably until today.

2. UKIP has now entered the Welsh Assembly. They elected 7 members, but whether they will have any sort of influence is unclear. Judging from the numbers UKIP probably won't be able to do much.

3. The Liberal Democrats have lost 4 seats. Their only seat remaining is in the constituency of Brecon and Radnorshire where they increased their share of the vote by 9.3 percentage points. They are now the fifth party in Wales behind UKIP. This poor showing means a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition is impossible because their combined total of 30 seats wouldn't be enough to defeat the Plaid Cymru-Conservative-UKIP opposition which would also consist of 30 seats.
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