Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2016 Results

The Northern Ireland Assembly has now had all of its results declared. In terms of seats, the DUP and the UUP held their position and Sinn Fein and the SDLP fell back slightly. The share of the vote for each party was pretty much the same as it was last time, although the main parties were all down slightly.

Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2016 Results

DUP: 38 (-)
Sinn Fein: 28 (-1)
UUP: 16 (-)
SDLP: 12 (-2)
Alliance: 8 (-)
Green: 2 (+1)
People Before Profit: 2 (+2)
TUV: 1 (-)
Independent: 1 (-).

UKIP missed out on winning a seat, although they did come very close in Antrim East.

Notable Changes

Politics in Northern Ireland is very different to other parts of the United Kingdom because voters very rarely change which party they vote for. There were a few changes, however.

1. Both of the main nationalist parties (Sinn Fein and the SDLP) moved back slightly. There were other seat by seat changes. I list a couple of them. Sinn Fein won a seat from the SDLP in Upper Bann. The SDLP won back a seat from Sinn Fein in Fermanagh and South Tyrone which they lost at the last election.

2. The People Before Profit Alliance returns its first two members, taking one seat from Sinn Fein in Belfast West and one from the SDLP in Foyle. Recall that People Before Profit also did well in Belfast West in Election 2015 getting 19% of the vote.

3. The Green Party gained a seat in Belfast South.
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