Final EU Referendum Polls

At 7am tomorrow the polls will open and the country will make what may be the most important decision in a very long time. The EU Referendum polls are showing at one extreme a 6 point lead for Remain and at the other a 2 point lead for Leave. The race couldn't be tighter.

It is somewhat concerning that such an important decision looks to be down to a coin toss, especially as we have only had two such referendums in the last 40 years. At least with a general election the electorate can change their minds relatively soon, but this could be permanent.

I don't think it's particularly helpful to try and call which side will win, especically since the result is so close at hand. I will list some important political questions for you to think about which will no doubt be answered in the coming days, weeks and months.

1. Will bad weather affect the turnout?

2. Will the turnout be as high as some people predict?

3. Will the pollsters be proved wrong again?

4. Will we actually leave if we vote to leave?

5. Will UKIP surge like the SNP?

6. Will David Cameron survive?

7. Will there be a general election in 2016/17?
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