New Tactical Voting Calculator

I have overhauled the Tactical Voting section to include a calculator with a wider variety of options. This new calculator supersedes the "keep out" tables (which I will continue to update).

Using the calculator is reasonably straightforward. Simply select the type of election, your region and your constituency. Then order the parties from best to worst by first adding them to the list and then moving them up and down. Here is a quick demonstration:


As an example we will choose Cornwall North. For the purpose of this example, suppose you were a Labour supporter with the Liberal Democrats as a second preference. You would put the following into the calculator:

After you click submit you will get the following result:

You would get this result because in the last election the Liberal Democrats did better than Labour. More specifically, the Liberal Democrats got 36.6% and Labour got 12.1%.

Note: Cornwall North is the Liberal Democrats' 15th target seat.

Final Words

Go to the calculator.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

Have fun!
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