Brentford and Isleworth - Election 2015

Here is the Election 2015 result for the Brentford and Isleworth constituency.
Winning PartyLabour
Labour 25,096 43.76%
Conservative 24,631 42.94%
UKIP 3,203 5.58%
Liberal Democrat 2,305 4.02%
Green 2,120 3.70%
Note: Smaller parties may be omitted from the above list. The candidate with the largest vote who does not belong to one of the main parties is listed as 'Minor'. Votes listed for 'Other' are calculated by taking the votes from the main parties and 'Minor' away from the total votes cast.
General information:
Majority 465 0.81%
Turnout 57,355 67.79%
Electorate 84,602 -
Swing needed
by CON from LAB
- 0.41%
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