Tactical Voting against Plaid Cymru

This is our tactical voting guide to keeping out Plaid Cymru candidates in the 2024 general election. This page takes the set of constituencies where Plaid Cymru candidates stood last time and divides them into three categories using the rules below.


We assume that tactical voting is only a good idea against a Plaid Cymru candidate in a particular constituency when, in the last election, they held the constituency and were no more than 25 percentage points ahead of the second placed candidate or did not win the constituency and were no more than 25 percentage points behind the winning candidate.

  1. The first table contains the constituencies which meet the above criteria.
  2. The second table contains the constituencies where the previous Plaid Cymru candidate was so far behind that it appears they cannot win.
  3. The third table contains the constituencies where the previous Plaid Cymru candidate was so far ahead that it appears they are unlikely to be beaten.

If a by-election has taken place after the last election then that result is used instead of the one from the last election.

Usage Guide

In my opinion, the best way of using this guide is as follows:

  1. Pick the name of a constituency.
  2. Find which table the constituency is in.
  3. Check the recommended advice above the table.
  4. Open the link to your selected constituency and verify whether our advised tactical vote seems plausible to you.

For tactical voting against other parties see here.
For the newer (and more sophisticated) tactical voting calculator see here.

Constituencies where tactical voting may help

Our recommendation: Vote for the parties recommended in this table. If there are two such parties, the first choice is probably the most effective.

WalesVote For
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr1. Conservative
2. Labour
Ceredigion1. Conservative
2. Liberal Democrat
Dwyfor MeirionnyddConservative
Llanelli1. Labour
2. Conservative
Ynys Mon1. Conservative
2. Labour

Non-Plaid Cymru constituencies where they are too far behind for tactical voting against them to be worth it

Our recommendation: Vote for whichever party you like.

Alyn and Deeside
Blaenau Gwent
Cardiff North
Cardiff South and Penarth
Cardiff West
Carmarthen West and Pembrokeshire South
Clwyd South
Clwyd West
Cynon Valley
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Newport East
Newport West
Preseli Pembrokeshire
Swansea East
Swansea West
Vale of Clwyd

Plaid Cymru held constituencies where their lead is probably too large for tactical voting to make a difference

There are no such constituencies.

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