Candidates for Election 2015

Nominations are now closed for the 2015 general election. A total of 3,971 candidates are standing this time as opposed to 4,150 in 2010. There are 650 constituencies in the United Kingdom, but no party is fielding a full slate of candidates. Every constituency has at least four candidates standing with the exception of Buckingham which only has the Speaker, a UKIP candidate and a Green Party candidate standing. Full figures are as follows:

Election 2015 Candidates

Conservatives 648 (+17)
Labour 631 (-)
Liberal Democrats 631 (-)
UKIP 624 (+66)
Green Party 573 (+263)
SNP 59 (-)
Plaid Cymru 40 (-)
BNP 8 (-330)

(changes from the 2010 general election).

The Conservative figure is higher because they are standing in more constituencies in Northern Ireland. UKIP and the Green Party are fielding more candidates than last time, but not as many as the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are fielding a full slate of candidates again in Scotland and Wales respectively. The BNP is way down on last time and are fielding only 8 candidates this time.
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