UK General Election Polls

On this page are the latest UK election polls for the 2024 general election together with a uniform swing calculation of the polling average. The seat and majority calculations are lifted directly from the 2024 UK Parliament swingometer.

Note: General Elections are scheduled to be held approximately every 5 years under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (FTPA), but it is possible for an early general election to take place. We will refer to the election as if it were to take place 5 years after the last one unless it becomes clear that an early general election will happen.

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326 seats needed for a majority

Here is the polling average of the polls below together with the seat changes on a uniform swing. Information on how the Election 2024 polling average is calculated is available here.

VotesSeatsSeat Changes
Liberal Democrat11.84%8.72%-3.12%1113+4-2+2
Brexit Party2.06%2.06%0.00%00000
Plaid Cymru0.49%0.49%0.00%44000
Seat Gains and Losses

See which seats have changed hands using our seat calculator.

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At the bottom of this page are the most recent general election 2024 polls for the next United Kingdom general election ordered from newest to oldest. These polls should be used in conjunction with the United Kingdom swingometer for the 2024 general election. Pollsters ask the participants how they would vote if there were a general election tomorrow, or words to that effect.


Liberal Democrat
Last Day of Field WorkPollster / ClientSample SizeWeightCONLABLDGRNLead
23 Sep 2021YouGov / The Times1,6901.0039321097
22 Sep 2021Survation1,0600.954035845
20 Sep 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,0000.854135876
19 Sep 2021SavantaComRes2,1120.804035955
17 Sep 2021Opinium / The Observer2,0000.704037763
16 Sep 2021YouGov / The Times1,6350.453935774
16 Sep 2021Panelbase3,9380.6541361055
14 Sep 2021Survation2,1640.354036954
13 Sep 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,0000.303935964
12 Sep 2021SavantaComRes2,0970.253935964
11 Sep 2021Opinium / The Observer2,0590.20383886Tie
9 Sep 2021YouGov / The Times1,657-33351092
8 Sep 2021Find Out Now / The Sunday Telegraph10,6730.2537331284
6 Sep 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-41321169
5 Sep 2021SavantaComRes2,087-4036944
3 Sep 2021YouGov / The Times1,653-38348104
3 Sep 2021Deltapoll / The Sun on Sunday1,589-4133978
3 Sep 2021Opinium / The Observer2,014-4035765
29 Aug 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-4133958
29 Aug 2021SavantaComRes2,062-40341056
26 Aug 2021YouGov / The Times1,703-3931898
23 Aug 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-433310610
23 Aug 2021Kantar Public1,094-37341453
22 Aug 2021SavantaComRes2,083-4134947
20 Aug 2021Opinium / The Observer2,003-3936863
18 Aug 2021YouGov / The Times1,703-4032988
16 Aug 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-40361054
15 Aug 2021SavantaComRes2,075-4134947
12 Aug 2021YouGov / The Times2,169-4032978
9 Aug 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-4037963
9 Aug 2021Ipsos MORI / The Evening Standard1,113-413013811
8 Aug 2021SavantaComRes2,047-41331048
6 Aug 2021Opinium / The Observer2,000-4235757
6 Aug 2021YouGov / The Times1,730-4133878
2 Aug 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-41341167
1 Aug 2021SavantaComRes2,100-40341066
29 Jul 2021YouGov / The Times1,637-3934895
26 Jul 2021Deltapoll1,590-4237665
25 Jul 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-4036964
25 Jul 2021SavantaComRes2,161-40341046
23 Jul 2021Survation1,013-39371052
23 Jul 2021Opinium / The Observer2,000-4335858
21 Jul 2021YouGov / The Times1,667-3834984
20 Jul 2021Survation1,032-39351154
19 Jul 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-42331059
18 Jul 2021SavantaComRes2,127-4134857
16 Jul 2021YouGov / The Times1,761-44318613
13 Jul 2021Survation2,119-43329611
12 Jul 2021Redfield & Wilton Strategies2,000-41331268
12 Jul 2021Kantar Public1,057-443112413
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