Thanet South Poll by Survation

Yesterday Survation conducted a constituency poll of South Thanet. South Thanet is a particularly important target seat for UKIP as it is being contested by UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Nigel Farage has said previously that he will stand down as UKIP leader if he fails to win the seat. If this poll is anything to go by he will win with a comfortable majority. Figures are as follows:

Survation Poll of Thanet South

UKIP 39% (+33%)
Conservative 30% (-18%)
Labour 26% (-5%)
Liberal Democrat 2% (-13%)
Others 2% (+2%)

(changes from the 2010 general election).

This represents a 25.5% swing from Conservative to UKIP. On the face of it, it is clear that UKIP is not just taking support from the Conservatives, but also from Labour and some of the protest vote that used to go to the Liberal Democrats.
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