ICM Poll of Sheffield Hallam

ICM have conducted a poll of Sheffield Hallam, the seat where Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg is standing.

ICM Poll of Sheffield Hallam Without Candidates Named

Labour 34%
Liberal Democrat 32%
Conservative 21%
Green 4%
Others 1%.

ICM Poll of Sheffield Hallam With Candidates Named (Changes on Above)

Liberal Democrat 42% (+10%)
Labour 35% (+1%)
Conservative 12% (-9%)
UKIP 7% (-1%)
Green 3% (-1%)
Others 2% (+1%).

When the candidates are not named Labour are slightly ahead, although the Liberal Democrats hold up reasonably well. When the candidates are named Labour, UKIP and the Green Party remain pretty much unchanged, but a substantial proportion of Conservative voters switch to the Liberal Democrats. It is possible that Conservative voters have noticed a strong Labour presence in the area and as a result are switching to the Liberal Democrats to prevent the seat falling to Labour.

Will Nick Clegg hold on? Luckily we only have to wait a few more days to find out.
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