Election 2020 Swingometer

I decided that rather than wait for the Electoral Commission to publish a table of results I would write a program to extract the data from various sources. I have now uploaded that data to the website.

Election 2015 Results

Election 2020 Swingometer

Election 2020 Battleground

Do note that if the Conservative boundary proposals go ahead then Swingometer 2020 will need to be updated with the new boundaries. For now we will have to work with the current boundaries.

We now have the first poll for Election 2020. Survation are showing CON 40, LAB 31, UKIP 12, LD 6, GRN 3. On a uniform swing this would give a Conservative majority of 40. Usually a government enters a honeymoon period in which they poll better than before the election and that could be what is going on here.
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