Tools for the 2022 General Election

The 2017 general election is over so it is now time to get to work and look at the 2022 general election. I refer to it as the 2022 general election, but given the makeup of the current parliament it may even be sooner.

I have uploaded the election results to the website and updated all of the tools:

- Election 2017 Results. List of 2017 general election results.

- Swingometer 2022. Regional swingometers for the 2022 general election.

- Battleground 2022. Target seats and defence lists for the 2022 general election. The two most important pages are Labour target seats 2022 and Conservative target seats 2022.

- Tactical Voting Guide 2022. Which parties to vote for to keep out other parties.

Note: These tools are based on the current boundaries. I will update them again if it becomes clear that the next election will occur after the boundary change comes into effect.
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