New Election Tools on the Website

Regular visitors to this website will have noticed over the last few months that numerous new features have appeared in various places. I will outline these updates and changes here. These changes mostly relate to the upcoming Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections scheduled for 2021.

1. Swingometers. The UK Parliament swingometers are now all on one page. In addition, the following new swingometers are available:

- Scottish Parliament swingometer
- Welsh Assembly swingometer.

2. Battlegrounds. Battleground pages have been updated to include defence and target seats for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections. For example, these lists can be accessed on the Labour target seats page by using the contents menu or scrolling to the bottom of the page.

3. Polls. Polls and polling averages for the following are now available:

- 2021 Scottish Parliament polls
- 2021 Welsh Assembly polls.

4. Results. Results for the 2011 and 2016 Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections are now available:

- 2016 Scottish Parliament Election
- 2016 Welsh Assembly Election
- 2011 Scottish Parliament Election
- 2011 Welsh Assembly Election.

In addition, constituency and region data from those elections can be viewed on the results pages.
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