Corby and Northamptonshire East - UK Parliament Constituency

Here are the most recent election results for the Corby and Northamptonshire East constituency.

Note: Smaller parties may be omitted. The candidate with the largest vote who does not belong to one of the main parties is listed as 'Minor'. Votes listed for 'Other' are calculated by taking the votes from the main parties and 'Minor' away from the total votes cast.

NameCorby and Northamptonshire East
RegionEast Midlands
1st in 2019Conservative
2nd in 2019Labour
Swing To Lose8.05%

Note: 'Swing To Lose' is the swing needed by the 2nd placed party against the 1st placed party to win the seat.

Electoral History

Election 2019 (New Boundaries)Conservative

Election 2019 (New Boundaries)

View full Election 2019 (New Boundaries) results.

Liberal Democrat3,6806.83%N/A
Conservative win
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