DUP Defence

Below are lists of DUP marginal seats showing which constituencies won in the latest elections can be most easily lost.

DUP Defence 2024

Below is the DUP defence list consisting of DUP held marginal seats for the 2024 general election. These marginal constituencies are ordered from the smallest to the largest swing to be defeated by the largest opposition party.

View DUP target seats for the next general election.

(order by percentage majority)

RankConstituencyRegionMajoritySwing to Defeat
1.Belfast EastNorthern Ireland2,6262.91%
2.Antrim SouthNorthern Ireland3,0363.56%
3.StrangfordNorthern Ireland5,6777.07%
4.Antrim EastNorthern Ireland6,3957.96%
5.Upper BannNorthern Ireland7,4778.05%
6.Lagan ValleyNorthern Ireland7,4758.12%
7.Londonderry EastNorthern Ireland9,70711.81%
8.Antrim NorthNorthern Ireland13,76516.94%

View DUP target seats for the next general election.

2024 General Election
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